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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

A life for a girl to dream of is to wake up in the middle of her favorite movie scene. That’s what I feel today. After a night feeling so beaten off, I found the morning with more energy. Open the window with tall Empire State building just across my window. Look nicer in the night though. To another surprise, I stay just a block away from Flat Iron Mansion where Robert Downey Jr lives. Rumor has it, he often come down to the road of 5th Avenue for his coffee fix. A hopeful beat I get a chance to bump into him and ask for a kiss or two.


Monday, 6 July 2015

As we drive a long this road called life, occasionally a gal will find herself a little lost. And when that happens, I guess she has to let go of the coulda, shoulda, woulda, buckle up and just keep going  - Carrie Bradshaw

Here I am. Finally arrived in New York after tiring 28 hours flight. Somehow it’s good for me to get really knackered. it stopped me for thinking too much about what happen last week.  Just like Carrie said, I need to buckle up and keep going. Love failed me this time. Riri was probably right. It’s not all about me. It might be I was just a wrong person in a wrong time. 

And now I’m trying to take the other flip of the coin. Get this moment to repurpose and find a path for true happiness. Cuz if I look around, my life is indeed amazing. A hopeful beat, New York gonna help me to heal anytime soon. 

Good night!


Saturday, 27 June 2015

Love Pool at Balbulol
Misool is a true paradise known to most. The michelin of nature and underwater. Home to over quarter of the world’s marine life. Blue water in many shade, from deep blue to light turquoise. All is framed with amazical untouched raw nature of limestone with thin green of vegetation. Being here made me feel like the first person stepped down to earth. It’s so quiet. Just us, the sound of wild bird chirping and the voice inside my head. 7 days in Misool is a real exhilaration. Everyday beautiful places. Second to none!


Cone shaped stones at Balbulol - picture credit Marischka Prue
I’d say… my most favorite place in Misool. It’s a giant lego of natural world. Quite amazing as everything seems to be carved and arranged carefully. Huge limestone wall on the side, as if there’s secret to hide inside. It is!! My eyes were on stalk of the magical view up front. Clear blue water teasing me with the sight of coral gardens and colorful fishes. Floating giant rocks in the shape of christmas trees, got me wonder of the natural process happened to this place. It’s looked like a men made, but for sure it wasn’t! 


Harapan Jaya Village - Misool, West Papua

I always look for a taste of raw nature and the sea. Jumping to the water gives me feeling of freedom and limitless adventure. Dare I say, it become a habit of mine. So when I want to block out the noise of the modern city and really feel time traveling backward, there’s always one place that does the trick. To the sea..

And Neptune whisper to me: come to visit my garden palace in Misool Raja Ampat.

The shortcut isn’t short
The economic class vs VIP class

Beautiful raw nature is hidden under rough path. So does Misool. It takes quite an effort to get there. From Jakarta, I had to fly to Makassar & Sorong for nearly 6 hours. Choice from this city to Misool is either with speedboat that will get us in 6 hours but be ready to spent 30 mil Rups or by ferry - times double and of course cheaper. Since speedboat is not affordable for us, it leaves the  only choice with ferry. Thankfully, the boat depart at midnight and 12 hours won’t feel too long. This is my very first ferry ride.  From the entrance, I felt like in the part of Titanic movie: together with Jack Dawson squeezing my self in the middle of the crowded passenger. We managed to get the VIP room, which mean a little bit of comfort. Fan, bed, blanket and water dispenser. But honestly, looking at the appearance, you won’t want to touch them. I’m not sure if they change the bed sheet daily. Putting my self to comfort, I use beach towel to layer the sheet. And by the way… VIP doesn’t mean cockroach free!

Budget vs Luxury and nothing in between

Inside the house & everyday is party day


Saturday, 20 June 2015

World Street Food Congress - Singapore ( 8-12 April 2015): With Mbak Vivi from Ayam Taliwang Bersaudara & Jeffrey Sie from Gudeg Yu Nap: two Indonesian culinary heroes who amazed the visitors with their striking sambal. And yesss... we got BIG media coverage!

New design done! Now it’s time to pay the debt. The pending blog writing. Yes, it is :p.

One big milestone I’ve done this year. Running an event in Singapore last April.I brought 4 Indonesian’s food hawker with the hope to gain massive exposure in World Street Food Congress. I’m sure you all agree with me, it is time for Indonesian’s culinary to shine and Indonesian be proud of promoting it to the world outside.  Often we criticized our own heritage in a harder way than other people would do.  Do you hear this often: …I’m not sure you’ll like it. It’s too spicy for you! Then when we go to what so called “Indonesian’s authentic restaurant”, we taste the spices is toned down. A quite sad fact. But it’s true.

List of inspiring speaker. We discussed about how to enhance the street food culture all around the world.


Saturday, 4 April 2015

This what went on for .. mmm…(since the last time I wrote) 9 months. Got busiest life ever. Not that i want to complain. It’s was full of exciting stuff. I can’t be grateful more.

It’s true that when you work for the passion, you don’t need to work a day. In my case, anything includes culinary and traveling are the ones. I’m lucky to work for the best food brand in this country and plant the seed of my passion to inspire Indonesia culinary world. I’m thinking the craziest possible. It turns out really fun!  Planning something big. i.e take Indonesian foods to international level. After tons of meeting and discussion how to make it happens. Finally it comes to real, 4 Indonesians street hawkers will present in the prestigious international event: World Street Food Congress! Yeay! It’s a rare opportunity to be there and curated by international icons. As of what I heard, Anthony Bourdin, KF Seethoh will be there also. I’m so sure I’m gonna have real star struck! I’m so cannot wait for next week!

Pic courtesy of

Hosting Panel Discussion with Indonesia Culinary Icons ( right to left): Maman Suherman, JJ Rizal, me, William Wongso, Bayu Amus


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Our survival kit!
Before arriving Maldives, we were quite nervous with how much our total holiday cost. We pack some foods just in case everything is too expensive here. Though there is more discount with All inclusive meal package, we decided to just go with half board. Means that we get only breakfast and pay normal price for lunch as well as dinner. I'm not a big eater and David is on diet for his upcoming running race. Oh, that's not the only reason. Actually we have a sneaky idea to just stock up foods from breakfast. Hehehe. In our first day breakfast, we came so prepared with tote bag and some empty water bottles. You know what we're gonna do, right? Yes, flush some breads, cake, fruits and juice into my bag. A day stock up!

It only happen on the first day, before we learnt there is a more elegant way to deal with the pricey cost here. The resort is quiet generous to keep the guest happy. Everyday, there are scheduled activity. It normally comes with free foods, drink or dessert. So, we try not to miss these chance. Every morning we can't wait for daily activity menu and promo. The strategy is goodies hunting in the afternoon and a real good dinner in the evening. It's become more exciting than embarassing. Thanks God!

5 Tweets for free cocktail. Not too bad. We are so up for goodies!

Coconut tour around the resort. Learn the local name of coconut tree anatomy
Coconut tour: A simple tour around the resort and learn the anatomy of coconut tree. It is not something unfamiliar for me as there are just so many of them in my hometown’s backyard. The different, this time I learnt the local language and the resort is named after Coconut in Divehi. Bonus.. free coconut water. We brought it to restaurant and ask for ice. ^_^

Coconut Ice with style
Cooking classThis is one of the busiest class. We book as soon as we get the schedule and guess what.. we got the last seat! woww! It is actually not a cooking class, but a demo instead. We have one chef (I forgot his name) showing us how to cook Garudhiya or Maldivian tuna fish soup. This is one of the main dishes eaten by everyday in every home of Maldives. How to make it is also very simple. After cleaning, the fish is well cooked in boiling water with salt. It will produce foam on top that is removed and discarded. Chillies, onions and curry leaves may be used to flavour the soup, but usually it is made with fish, salt and water. It is served hot with rice, lemon, onion and chilli. Finished with Garudhiya then we learn how to cook Fihunu Mas, the Maldivian grilled fish.Tuna is the most common, but reef fish is also used. The whole fish is gutted with the scales removed and fillet sliced to the bone. Blend to a thick, smooth paste two ounces of dried chili, one ounce chopped onion, two garlic cloves, one teaspoon of cumin powder, two curry leaves, one teaspoon of black peppercorns and salt to taste. The fish should be pierced on a large skewer. The slits made from filleting should be filled with the spice paste. It is then cooked on a barbeque grill on both sides until it is done… And there, yummy fish dishes with rice and wine!! 

Art Class - Maldivian Painting. An interesting one as we were guided step by step painting Maldives like a pro. Start with dip the wet brush into white paint. Stroke it all over canvas surface. Then do the same again with blue paint to make the sky. To make gradation sky, I have to make the brush really wet and stroke it several time to lighten the sky. Then i start carefully paint the tree and the bush. Voila!!! my very first master piece in Maldives. Served with cake and wine!

Reef tour. Before we jump to the water, the guide introduce us to the basic things about reef life and the fishes. They have many species there: Pursemouth, pufferfish, memo, damsel fish, butterfly fish, sweet lips, banner fish, blue-fin, surgeon fish, shark reef and titan trigger fish. Most of the marine species are very territorial. They like to defend  their area, even the sweetest fish like Nemo. I’m surprise our snorkelling guides warn us not to the reef shark but to trigger fish. It seems that reef shark is not aggressive and on the other way around with trigger fish. 

Watch and follow. Don't be panic (unless shark or trigger fish come closer to you!)

Mixology. The fun part!! It’s lazy afternoon and we can just get lazy waiting for the sunset while watching the bartender does the demo for Capirinha and Virgin Mulberry Mule. Each of us gets both drink and also bonus whiskey on the rock for being such a curious student. Hahaha.
Caipirinha.  Brazil's national cocktail, made with cachaçasugar and lime
Virgin Mixberry Mule. Made from mixberrt comfort and ginger beer. topped with crushed ice. Simple yet refreshing

Hospitality night. It is in our forth night when Jason the GM and Victoria his wife throw a party for the resort guests. Free flow drinks and foods. All we have to do is mingle with other guests. But we spent more then 30 minutes talking to Jason and Vic. They got so excited as we told them we are from Indonesia. It turns out that they worked in Bali for 3 years before and how much they miss Bali. It’s like.. come on, he works in paradise already and how come still thinking of another place. But he’s got another perspective. He said, in Bali you can have real a little bit of real life with some chaos here and there, get in touch with locals and at the same time chance to escape to any other place. Here’s the resort is my life and I can’t wait for holiday to come. We were laughing, what an irony world.